Obedience Training

Pets and people speak different languages, and closing that verbal gap can be extremely difficult, especially in cases where pets exhibit undesirable behaviors that result in stress and frustration. Obedience training provides pet owners with the tools necessary to successfully control pet behavior. It also allows pets to bond with their owners and build confidence and trust in them. We offer obedience training for destructive and embarrassing pet behaviors as well as instruction for basic obedience commands.

Obedience training can address: 

  • Aggressive behaviors by helping your pet socialize with others
  • Barking without purpose
  • Basic obedience commands and pet manners (sit, stay, shake, etc.)
  • Chewing and destructive behaviors (e.g. scratching, digging, etc.)
  • Crate training
  • Housebreaking and litter box training
  • Jumping up without invitation
  • Leash pulling
  • Separation anxiety and other pet phobias

Training methods

Training methods vary depending on your pet’s willingness to learn and the length of their attention span. Our goal is to never punish a pet, but to provide a clear understanding of good behavior versus bad behavior. With our certified obedience trainer leading instruction, you and your pet will participate in owner-interactive training that teaches you the skills necessary to control your pet. This consistency will offer your pet reliability and will reinforce the level of expectation for them. We also try to teach pet owners to prevent undesirable behavior before it happens; determining what causes the behavior allows you, as a pet owner, to be proactive in preventing it.

All of our pet training techniques are humane and include positive reinforcement.

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