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Written by Andrew J Cabrera Sep 11 • 1 minute read

For Nation Dog Day, we would love to give Noodle his mobility back. Alyna a veterinary assistant found a dog that had been tied in a bag and abandoned in the hospital parking. He was covered in his own urine and was in rough shape; both front limbs were broken and he was unable to walk properly. Even though he was injured and clearly in pain, he wagged his tail so hard it seemed as if it would fall off as soon as he saw Alyna. This friendly pup was given the name Noodles due to his unfortunate injury. On examination, we discovered that Noodles was a puppy. Working together with Central Orange Country Emergency Animal Hospital, Believe Riverside Ranch will be performing a bilateral radial ulna fracture repair on both of his front limbs at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital soon. This surgery will be significantly improving this little pup’s quality of life. Any donations provided will help out Noodles and any of our future cases.

This is how Noodles moved around before his surgery.

After a bit of discussion, we decided to surgically correct the more difficult healing fracture ~ Noodles left forearm. Then elected to  “reduce and splint” the fracture on his right forearm keeping the little guy in a splint and strict bed rest for the next 2 months.

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